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The Oncology Hospital founded by Turkish Association for Cancer Research is one of the deepest –rooted hospitals providing medical service in Turkey.

The hospital provides specialty training in 11 branches and sub-branch specialty training in 3 branch and it renders servise by 11 professors, 31 associate professors, 41 trainers and 256 experienced specialist physicians .


Our hospital is a ‘’ Comprehensive Oncology Centre ‘’ ( COM ) and it has the equipment , personel and hardware exceeding COM standarts. Oncolgy diagnosis-treatment and training services are successfully provided at national and international level.


Mission – Vision


We are a leading organization which provides modern , reliable , environment frindly, patient friendly, and qualified service in all medical areas (particulary cancer) within our specialty; makes contribution to the training requirements of the medical personel ; is innovative and continuously develops it.


Our Special Services

Special Services Given in Our Hospital

  • Cyber-Knife
  • Tomotherapy
  • Intraoperative Radiotherapy
  • 3D Brachytherapy
  • 4D CT Simulator
  • Hyperthermia Unit
  • Ambulatory Chemotherapy
  • Full automatic Central Drug Preparation Unit
  • Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit
  • Palliative Care
  • ROLL
  • Oncoplastic Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Gamma Camera
  • PET – BT
  • RAI
  • 3 Tesla MR



Radiation Oncology Clinic


               1 Professor , 2 Trainers , 2 Chief Assistants, 27 Radiation Oncology Specialists, 12 Health Physicists , 55 Radiotherapy Technicians and 23 nurses serve in the Radiation Oncology Clinic . Approximately 3000 patients are treated in our department on annual basis . Our clinic has 110 beds capacity.


          The Radiation Oncology Clinic of Ankara Oncology Hospital is one of the biggest centres in Turkey and of the leading treatment centres of Europe in the last five years with its expanding modern devic pool . In addition to curative, palliative and abjuvant treatment , secondary  and even tertiary irradiations which have not been applied before are successfully performed by advanced devices and experienced personnal. As device which can offer different function exist in our deice pool, The device which are available in our deparment and we actively use are as following:



Cyber – Knife

It is a device which can perform stereotactic radiosurgery treatment with a precision beter than milimetre by targeting the volume to be irradiated via various tracking methods. It has been actively applied to domestic and foreign patients for 6 yeaes .


2 highly qualified LINACs :

(Varian Trilogy-Rapid Aec): It is linear accelerator having 120 multileaf collimators (MLC),6-15 MV photon ,IMRT, kV Cone bean CT- volumetric IGRT, rotational IMRT, arc treatment, and 6 diffrent electron energies. All cancer types requiring radiotherapy can be treated by these devices.



It is a device perforiming radiotherapy under the guidance of images. At the same time ,stereotactic radiosurgery / stereotactic body radiotherapy and whole body irradiation can also be performed by these devicrs.

Kobalt – 60 teletherapy device


Radiation Oncology Clinic

Intraoperative Radiootherapy [IORT (Mobertron)]: Intraoperative Radiotherapy is a RT application performed under operating room  conditions  and during operation . It enables radiotherapy to be directly applied on the tissue or organ.

2 brachythrtapy devices [ three dimensional (3D) and Two Dimensional (2D) ] : Radiation source is places in the body cavity or tissue of the patient. It is a type of treatment especially used for gynaecologic cancers in our clinic.

Hyperthermia : It can be applied on a chosen patient gtoup before or after the treament to increase the efficiency of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

4D CT Simulator : 4th dimension in radiotherapy was introduced. The tumour can be perfectly trageted after the tomographies scanned by taking congnizance of the respitation movements of the patients.


Conventional Simulator




Radiolojgy Clinic

Our main principle is to make  a rapid and correct diagnosis by using modern advanced radiology technologies. 2 associate professors, 4 chief assistans , 11 radiology specialist, 51 radiology technicians, and 5 nurses serve in our clinic. We perform all examinations of the patients applying to our clinic such as direct x-ray, bone mineral densitometry, ultrasonography –Doppler ultrasonography, mammography , computed tomography (CT ) and 1.5 or 3 tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MR).

In addition to these , all kind of cancer treatments such as diagnostic biopsies and therapeutic percutaneous drainage and percutaneous or intraoperative tumour ablation (interventional radiology ) are performed.

We provide service with our experienced personnal who have a command of cases and a say in the field of radiology.

Medical Oncoloji clinic

5 associate professors , 1 chief assistant, 4 specialists and 6 sub-branch (internal diseases ) assistants serv in the Medical Onkology Clinic and the ambulatory Chemotherapy Unit has the capacity to perform chemotherapy for 70 patients at the same time and 150 patients at the same time and 150 patients in a day with 67 seats and 3 special rooms. Moreover , it is rendered service for approximately 250 patients on daily basis by 5 Medical Oncology Polyclinics.


Inpatient service

All kind of diagnostic processes and chemotherapy treatments can be performed in the inpatient service of 36 beds in total. The number of the new patients applying is around 2500 – 3000 on annual basis. The Medical Oncology Centre renders service by Day Treatment Unit of 64 seats, 2 special patient rooms, and emergency responce room. It has the capacity to provide a comfortable treatment for nearly 150 patients every day.


Central Chemotherapy Drug Preparation Unit

It is possible to prepare the right drug in the right dosage fort he right patient in the right time in our Full Automatic Central Drug Preparation Unit. The chemotherapy drugs are prepared by our drug prepared style by minimizing the risk of exposure to drugs via laminar flow, type B biological cabinet. Not only chemotherapy drugs of our hospital but olso those of neighbouring countries are safely prepared in and transferred from our hospital.




Nuclear Medicine Clinic

2 associate professors, 6 specialists,2 health physicists, 18 technicists and 9 nurses serve in our Nuclear Medicine Clinic.

The Nuclear Medicine Clinic of Ankara Oncology Hospital is the first and only public institution which has performed RAI (radioactive iodine treatment ) on the patients with thyroid cancer for  years and has the most patients in Turkey . Inpatients treatment is provided for nearly.......

 Patients on annual basis . The polyclinic is rendered for 10 – 12 thousand patients  a year and the experiences gained are submitted to national and international scientific activities.

Moreover, it is planned that use of Ga-68 and marked compound whish has recently started to be very significant to molecular imaging as well as whole body imaging for neuroendocrine tumours,som thyroid cancers and prostat cancers and then Lu-77 treatment are going to be initiated soon.

The treatment services are performed under the responsibility of trainers and specialist by Polyclinic, scintigraphy, USG, PET/BT, Radionuclide Marking –ROLL technique and Gamma Probe applications.

The Radioactive Iodine (I–131) treatment are applied via inpatient and ambulatory service. We have a unit with a capacity of 10 patient for inpatient treatment .

There are three double-capped SEPECT – Gamma camera systems an done PET / BT system and an Ultrasond device in our clinic.

General Surgery Clinic

Total of 30 specialist physicians (13 Surgical Oncology specialists and 17 General Surgery Specialists) serve in our clinic. Our Surgery Clinic has a capacity of 72 beds and it also renders polyclinic service for 450 patients on average on daily basis.

Approximately 2000 cancer operations are performed in our clinic on annual basis. Breast, gastrointesinal system , thyroid cancer and soft tissue sarcomas a significant part of these operations. Intraoperative radiology therapy, gamma-probe application as well as sentinel lymph node, oncoplastic breast surgery and laoaroscopic digestive sysstem opertion which have been one of the important developments in the surgical oncology area in recent years are among the routine application of our clinic. In addition, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy which can be performed in a limited number of centres can be applied in our clinic . Gastroscopy and colonscopy application are conducted in the surgical endoscopy unit of our clinic.

Repeating operation to be applied on neck is risky due to significant anatomic structures on these area. Preoperative Ultrasound Monitorning (PUM) and Radioguided Occult Lesion (ROLL) techniques are applied for these kind of operation in our clinic in order to reduce possible complication and decrease the operation time. Nuclear Medicine Specialists and surgeons meet befor the opertion for such application and detailed ultrasound examiation is carried out.



Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery has similar oncolgic results when compared to conventional breast protecting surgery techniques but it provides beter cosmetic results. The operation are carried out via selcation of appropriate oncoplastic techniques for the patients by the experienced surgeons in our clinic and positive feedback have been provided by our patients up to now.


Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit

1 professor, 1 asociate professor, 2 haematology specialist and 5 haematology sub-branch assistant, 32 nurses, 3 apheresis technicians and 6 asistant employees serve in the Haematology Clinic and Stem Cell Transplantation Unit. Moreover, there are 4 polyclinics , 1 stem cell transplantation and 1 stem cell transplantation preparation . Ambulatory chemotherapies are performed in the chemotherapy unit of 6 beds. There is a fully equipped therapeutic apheresis center which has the capcity to meet all needs for stem cell transplantation and is also national training centre. In addition to routine hematologic tests , cytometry, PCR and chimersim analyses are carried out in haematology and genetic laboratories.

Different stem cell transplantation methods as autologous, related allogeneic ,unrelated allogeneic and haploiddentical transplantations (carried out in a limited number of centres in the world) are performed in our stem cell transplantation centre which is a member of European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) .

483 stem cell transplantation in total (278 autologous and 205 allogeneic ) have been performed in a period of nearly 5 years. In this period, successful stem cell transplantation application were performed on patients from Australia , Finland , Holland, Albania, Kosova, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Iran, Irak, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

Theoretical and practical stem cell transplantation training are provided for haematology specialist, nurses and technicians from different centres within the scope of national and international cooperation agreements. In addition , theoretical and practical stem cell transplantation was provided for physicians nurses and techicians coming from Uzbekistan for a period of 6 months in 2012/2013 within the frame of cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan . A stem cell transplantation centre was inaugurated in Uzbekistan in March 2013 within the scope of the project and first stem cell transplantation were performed by active participation of physicians, nurses and technicians coming from the haematology Clinic and Stem Cell Transplantation Unit ogour hospital .

Haploidentical stem cell transplantation which are applied in a limited number of centres throughout the globe are successfully performed in our centre.



PaediatricHaematologyand Oncology Clinic

There is an ambulatory treatment unit of 10 beds in which day examinations and ambulatory chemotherapy service of 29 beds for the patients requiring inpatient treatment. The stem cell transplantation operation is performed in the Adult Hematology and Stem Cell Transplantation Unit via common effort. The treatment service are carried out by 1 professor, 1 associate professor, and 1 specialist, 3 sub-branch assistant and 18 nurses experienced in cancer treatment in our clinic. A psychologist to provide psychosocial support for children and their family is always in office in our hospital . Our hospital school comprised of 3 teacher and 1 child development specialist continues its activities during the entire education and training periods to maintain education and training of our hospital patients.

Pain and Palliative Care Unit

The Pain and Palliative Care Unit of 12 beds have been rendering service since 2007 with 2 assistant professor , 1 specialists (algology ) and 12 certified nurses. It is targeted by our experienced specialists to improve life quality by trying to provide psychological and social support for patients and patient's relative in addition to treatment of pain and other symptoms of the patient in coordination with the Pain Polyclinic. Diagnostic somatic and sympathetic blocks, therapeutic neuroleptic blocks, radiofrequency thermocoagulation, and intrathecal port/pump system can be used for the patient with intense pain for whom medical treatment falls short.

An organized medical service is provided in the Pain and Palliative Care Service by being conscious that the supportive care which is inevitable and takes priority in oncologic approach is the right of every patient and responsibility of every doctor.


Intensive Care Unit

We render service with 26 intensive care beds within 2 Intensive Care Units at our hospital

Anaesthesia Intensive Care : has 12 beds, renders tertiary line intensive care service and 5000 – 6000 cases are followed yearly on the average. 50-61 % of our cases are comprised of oncology patients.

Postoperative Surgery Intensive Care Unit: It has 14 beds, render second line service and 1000-1200 cases are followed in a year on the average.


The patients needing for accommodation during the therapy period are directed to the guest houses of the Municipalities and Governorship of Ankara by the Social Service Department. The patients and their companions can accommodate in Oncology Compassion House, Yenimahalle Guest House and Elif Hostel for free as long as their treatment continues. The patients and their companion who wish to benefit from this service should only apply to the Social service Department.


 Phase I Clinical Research Unit

New Hope for Patients


Phase I trials are the cornerstone for advancement of new therapies. A Phase I trial represents the clinical starting point for all new drugs undergoing clinical evaluation in patients. It is a critical step in medications that ultimately receive approval and often represents the first time a drug or compound is being tested in humans.


A Phase I study is designed to understand many aspects of an anticancer compound that has shown promising results in the laboratory. For researchers, the goal is to evaluate the compound’s overall safety, determine a safe dosage range, and identify side effects. It also allows researchers to study how the drug will act in the body and whether or not it gives benefit to patients.


For patients, participating in a Phase I clinical trial gives them access to some of the latest cancer treatments. Patients who go on these studies are true pioneers as their participation may lead to groundbreaking data that can ultimately lead to newer and better drugs for patients with advanced cancer.


At Ankara Oncology Research and Training Hospital Phase I Research Clinic, we provide quality data through timely enrollment of study participants. The Phase I Clinic staff is comprised of a variety of specialized team members including Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Research Nurses, Study Coordinators, Clinical Research Assistants, and Medical Records Technicians all dedicated entirely to the Phase I program. Staff members are trained in Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and are also highly experienced in the field of oncology. Certifications held within the department include Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC).


Bed capacity

Phase I Research Clinic includes 4 hospital beds for our clinical trial participants. Using state-of the-art technology and a physician data capture system, our highly trained physicians are able to assess patients at bedside to document, grade, attribute adverse events, and enter the data digitally into our electronic medical record (EMR). This permits accurate assessment at point of contact.



Phase I Research Clinic has a research dedicated treatment room for clinical trial patients. This area includes 2 treatment chairs and 4 bed areas. The treatment staff consists of Registered Nurses who provide direct patient care and include OCN and ACLS certified RNs. They provide IV infusions and oral medications as well as obtain pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and other specimens required during treatment and observation periods.


Research Nurses / Study Coordinators

The Research Staff consists of Research Nurses and Study Coordinators who are responsible for protocol management, communication with study sponsors, and patient care. Our research staff is responsive to both patient and study sponsor needs. Each study is assigned a research team member to ensure continuity of care for study patients as well as the needs of the study sponsor. The research staff is closely involved with patient screening, enrollment, education, and patient follow up. They maintain constant communication with study sponsors, physicians, clinical staff, and patients.


Data Management

Our data management team consists of experienced Clinical Research Assistants (CRAs) that are responsible for paper and electronic case report form (CRF) completion, and query resolution. The team is highly knowledgeable with electronic data capture (EDC) systems. The CRAs are also responsible for coordinating all aspects of monitoring visits. The team is held to the upmost internal standards to ensure a quality and timely product for the study sponsors. Our data management team undergoes quality and timeliness assessment with the study sponsor at every exit interview to ensure quality standards are maintained.


Address : Mehmet Akif Ersoy Mahallesi 13. Cadde No: 56 Yenimahalle / Ankara

Phone : +(90)312 336 09 09

Fax : +(90)312 334 03 52

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